Plextor M6e PCIE Black

SSD RAM based


Product Name M6e PCIE Black
Product Type SSD RAM based
Capacity 128GB
Color Black + Red
Interface PCIe Gen2 x 2
Operating System Windows 7 x86 / x64
Windows 8 x86 / x64
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Linux series
Accessories NA
Others  PERFORMANCE: Up to 770 MB/s Sequential Read
Up to 625 MB/s Sequential Write
Up to 105K IOPS 4KB Random Read
Up to 100K IOPS 4KB Random Write
Gaming Style: Specifically designed to harmonize with professional gaming platforms
Advanced Endurance: Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 2.4 Million Hours
High Speed: Take hardware performance to the practical maximum speed of the interface
Lasting Performance: With TrueSpeed
SSDs remain like-new performance even after prolonged use
Shock & Vibration Proof: Capable of withstanding shock and vibration movements
Heat Resistant: Capable of withstanding high operating temperatures
Silent Operation: Running silently with no moving parts to eliminate distracting noise
Energy Efficient: SSDs use less power than hard drives
promoting a longer battery life
Data Integrity: 128-bit ECCs and Robust Data Hold-out Algorithm are used to ensure data is stored and retrieved without error
Speed Boost: With PlexTurbo
data processing speed increases far more than tenfold
Life Extension: With PlexTurbo
SSD lifespan can extend by eliminate unnecessary writes
Dual Booting Mode: Supports both UEFI and Legacy BIOS booting
providing flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of systems
Larger Storage Space: With PlexCompressor
compress files automatically in the background to help SSDs release more available capacity
Privacy Control: With PlexVault
create private spaces without a trace that can store sensitive or confidential files
Controller: Marvell 88SS9183
NAND: Flash M6e-BK uses TOSHIBA 19nm Toggle MLC / M6eA-BK uses TOSHIBA A19nm Toggle MLC
DRAM: Cache 256MB DDR3
Form Factor: Standardized PCle Card with Half-Height Half-Length
Interface: PCIe Gen2 x 2
Power Connector: 12V PCIe Slot
Data Connector: PCIe Slot.

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