A4Tech 3000N

V-Track Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


A4Tech’s wireless mouse uses patented “Synch RF” technology, which allows the mouse to synchronize their wireless communication signal.  The mouse will work as smoothly as a “Wired Mouse”.

Product Name 3000N
Keyboard Type Wireless Keyboard
Compatibility NA
Dimensions NA
Weight NA
Features Zero Delay, Smooth just like wired mouse, 2.4G wireless desktop, 10m operating range (operating range up to 10meters), Auto hoping channel (prevents RF interfaces), 2 way communication (provides fast and accurate date transmission), Easy storage ( nano receiver storage), The wireless mouse runs anywhere without pad, Unique mouse keypad (keypad with buit in mouse function allows you to perform all mouse operations), Comfortable and excellent tactile keystroke, Laser ingrave keys will never be rubbed off.
Others NA


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A4Tech 3000N
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