A4Tech KBS-720A PS2

A-Shape Natural Keyboard



Product Name KBS-720A PS2
Keyboard Type Natural Keyboard
Compatibility NA
Dimensions 462.28 (L) x 170.18 (W) x 20.32 (H) mm
Weight 0.70 Kg
Features Ultra-Slim Profile — Reducing Typing Noises,Ideal for Fast Typing; Patent Ergo A-Shape Layout —A4Tech Exclusive A-Shape Key Layout prevents Repetitive Strain Injury from your wrists and arms. Center “A-Type” keys match the ways your fingers naturally move and provide maximum comfort while typing; Both Natural A-Shape and Traditional Layout are Available; Full Package Image.
Others Number of Keys: 103 Keys; Package Contents: 1 Keyboard, 1 iKeyWorks software, diskette, User’s Guide; Color: White.


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