A4Tech G7-100N-1

Padless Mouse



Product Name G7-100N-1
Product Type Wireless Mouse
System Requirements NA
Color White
Connectivity NA
Dimensions 80 (L) x 54.8 (W) x 31.8 (H) mm
Weight 44 g
Features Innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical light which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere, even on furry textiles. Throw away your mouse pad!; V-track mouse runs all surfaces, even on furs!; XFAR No shaking 2.4G wireless connection; 2.4GHz wireless transmission: Operation range up to 10m; 2-way communication: Provides fast and accurate data transmission; Auto Hopping Channel: Prevents RF Interferences; Power saving management; Adjustable Resolution: 800-1000-1200-1600-2000 DPI; 16-in-One: 16 pre-defined mouse movements perform your favorite commands; 4-way wheel: Smart vertical and horizontal scrolling.
Others Button No.: 3, Transmission: 2.4G, Wireless Range: 10m, Ergonomics: Symmetrical design, Engine: V-track engine, Resolution: 2000 DPI, Report Rate: 125 Hz, Receiver: Nano; Receiver Storage: Yes, Battery: 2x AAA Alkaline Battery.


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