Steam Sales: HOW AND WHY


Steam sales are a massive tip against the balance of the game world. It’s why everyone looks into Steam for a cheap game. (“Ooh check that game! OMG! It must be on sale on Steam soon!” “I WANT TO BUY IT!”) Steam sales are the climax of any game’s buying point — if a game has reached the point of a sale, BAM! Here comes the buyer train! Choo choo!

For those who are in the dark, Steam is a game service enjoyed by millions across the globe. Currently being led by Gabe “Gaben” Newell, Steam sells games, game services, mods, and even game developer tools to operating systems ranging from Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Macintosh, and of course, Windows.

Titanfall 2 vs Mass Effect: Andromeda


How is Titanfall 2 Right now?

It’s a huge shock in the gaming world. Titanfall 2, a largely positively reviewed game, has most, if not all, free downloadable content. Not “content” yet? (yes, pun intended). More are to come soon, and when they do arrive, wow oh wow, expect a good game. GG guys!

Lisa Su and the AMD Army


Lisa Su, in sum, is the current CEO and president of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Her leadership has led the company to great heights, and without her ability, AMD might not be where it is today.

According to, Lisa Su TRIPLED the stock of AMD in five months. Five months is all she needed. While so many of us would say, I couldn’t do this in a year, Su managed in less than half of a year, and more.

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