The Synology® DS218j will protect your files.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are typically made for enterprise use, but the DS218j was prepped for survival at home. Made with a white plastic external shield and a metal inner core, it protects not just from the elements but also from intruders, wherever you may be.


Storage has seen a massive leap lately, and Synology® is no exception to the companies that have adapted. The DS218j includes Hyper Backup, a function where multiple versions of files are saved, committed into the storage, and can be accessed historically. Hyper Backup takes into account not only documents, as is the minimum expectation, but also includes others such as media and configurations installed within the NAS system.

The DS218j runs on a derivative of the Linux system, but it is cross-platform. It can link up to Windows®, Mac, and Linux, and Unix-like systems with ease. Its programs can be accessed through a web browser (whether through one such as Firefox or one through the terminal such as Lynx). This accessibility via a terminal browser makes it available to other systems as well, notably Android™, FreeBSD, and Solaris.


In the same way, firmware is easy. Since communication with the device is through a browser, so long as the user’s machine has the capacity to do HTTP requests, it already has the capacity to control the NAS.


The DS218j has good firewall rules. Though largely open, closing a port is as simple as closing the one on the device or app, no overriding required. This also goes with services running alongside each device on the network. If a network node does not want specific data, the DS218j will not give that data. Simple as that.


The Synology® DS218j includes a built-in repository called the Package Manager. It is GUI-based, and can be accessed straight from the graphical user interface. Through this, this NAS can also be used as a web server. Though Synology® has their own web server, an Apache web server can also be downloaded from the Package Manager, making this a good choice for web developers.


New to this series is the Notification System, which shows all the small details of changes. It allows the small updates to be displayed verbosely and simply. This makes them easy to check from the interface whenever one needs to.


The Synology® DS218j runs on a 1.3 GHz dual-core Marvell Armada CPU, cooled by a 92mm fan. Sequential read/write is at 113/112MBps, and has 512MB DDR3 memory. Interface-wise, it has a Gigabit LAN port and a pair of USB 3.0 ports.


Go and find security in the Synology® DS218j.


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