Laptops are getting newer. From better specs, to new features, everything is starting to become new. We have our sense of computers change from old and clunky machines to requirements of work. But what is it, exactly, that makes a laptop “new?”


First off, parts are starting to become more proprietary. For example, the HP Omen, released in early 2017, is praised for its marvelous looks and beautiful keyboard. And that is what makes it new: One cannot simply replace the chassis, keyboard, or screen with any standard piece. It is important that damaged parts be sent directly to the HP repair facilities and tended to by HP-certified professionals. Others simply would not work. The upside of this is that the laptop would work at its best because of its nearly custom-made parts.


Built-in programs are being more prevalent. Safe Boot is an example of this: Like in the ASUS SonicMaster series, one cannot simply place any operating system in place of the present one. Installing a new Linux would not be as easy, and would require direct intervention in the laptop’s BIOS. This means a little more fuss when updating computers, but it does have its upsides: it helps fight malware, such as ransomware.


Laptops are also starting to become all-around. For example, the Samsung RV-series are leaning towards AMD processors that always have built-in GPUs. This makes them not only capable as business laptops, but also good for gaming or video editing, making their target market wider, and also more useful in general.


In all, our computers, laptops included, are starting to catch up with the times. The new generation of computer users has new requirements for these machines. Today, we need better computers, and this is where the “new-ness” comes in.


Then again, a 20 year-old laptop probably wouldn’t be working anyway…


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