• Carries his Glock no matter the enemy’s weapon
  • Has a primary SMG but uses it like a secondary
  • Gaming mouse is broken



  • Suppressing Fire™
  • Probably the first player to run out of bullets
  • The only reason she dies is because she reloaded


Assault Rifleman

  • His budget rig will pwn your luxury rig
  • Rush B™
  • Probably understands Russian or Polish



  • Headshot or never
  • Trolls the enemies, helps out his teammates
  • Camper™



  • Takes point
  • Dies while taking point
  • Kills 3 terrorists while taking point
  • Gets MVP after dying while taking point


Platoon Leader

  • She pwns the VOIP
  • If she quits, so does the entire team
  • Probably the room master


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