We played Bruno Mars’s Finesse, and it was great. We played the Instant Party remix of Off to the Races, and it was better.


The F&D W5 Bluetooth® Speaker maximizes instrument and treble sounds without sacrificing too much bass levels. With the right equalization, this is the speaker for the equalizer junkie. Be a DJ with this sound critter anytime, anywhere.


It comes with the typical power and volume controls, but unlike most Bluetooth® speakers, it also has a microphone, which allows for calls to be made at a distance. If a call comes in, simply press the power (confirm) button, and the call starts. You’re ready to talk.


The volume controls are not exactly the best at providing the biggest change, but that’s exactly the point. With the Samsung S8 that we used to further configure the speaker, we found that the bulk of volume controls would be done with the sound source (phone, in our case) but the volume controls of the speakers make for a good fine-tuning. The “big change” that one expects from the volume controls is not there, and that’s good.


What made this extra special for us is that the distance of the speakers to the sound source can be astoundingly great. We slowly walked from one end of the room to the other, and the sound only faded at an estimated 32 meters. And the point here is that we use the word faded as it had not completely disappeared yet.


Verdict: 5/5


We give the F&D W5 Bluetooth® Speaker 5 stars not only because of its innovative fine-tuning volume controls, but also for its maximized distance. This makes it a memorable test subject, and one of the best we’ve had so far of its caliber.


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