Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® are useful. They are there for a reason: so we can communicate without the need for data coverage. Though much of what we see today with Wi-Fi is good use, sometimes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® can also be used by bad actors.


Going wireless makes you stealthy.
Whether over the internet or local network, Wi-Fi makes life easier for some attack vectors. A user does not need to access another computer physically as this risk easily gets seen. Not only this, but traveling with a laptop and changing routers is as easy as turning off your device and moving to the next coffee shop. No fuss.


Remote code execution is effective.
If you look at the Common Vulnerabilities and Exploitations database (CVE), Remote Code Execution (RCE) ranks at Threat Level 10. RCE is the term for when an attacker executes code from another location, whether from local network or over internet. Wi-Fi only exacerbates this by being stealthy. Being able to control a computer from afar with full administrator rights and no physical contact is the holy grail of a good cyberattack. This is central to all cybercrimes – to break into a computer without touching it.


What one cannot do here, one could do there.
Not only is physical contact a thing to avoid, another thing to keep away from is the IDS, or Internal Defense Systems of the computer. Examples of these are Antivurses and Anti-Malware defenses. The thing about them is that they tend to protect the user, and thus, a user might be constricted when they are around. Tech support might help here, though: just like a cybercriminal, a good guy can do what bad guys do, and “strike” from afar. If you cannot fix a computer here, why not fix a computer there?


There are many ways to attack a computer. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® are another attack vectors. We have to make sure we know what we’re doing, or else we wouldn’t know how to evade the bad actors, right?


Unless we’re the ones doing the bad acting….


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