The Kiddo
Doesn’t know what to say in chats
Probably says nonesense in voice chat
Would probably pwn you


The Commander
Tells his teammates what to do
If you win, you thank him
If you lose, it’s his fault


The Moderator
Everyone shuts up when he logs in
Freeloader, but is actually a pro
Probably sleepless


The Troll
Makes an account simply to troll
Either gets out-trolled or banned
Pointless to play with


The Gamer Girl™
Everyone thinks she’s hot IRL
Potentially a pro
Probably also a graphics artist


The Dev Girl
Everyone’s crush, even Gamer Girl™’s
Makes the big announcements
Comments about real-life news


The Master Race™
Has really good specs on his rig
Swears a lot when he gets pwned
Always gets butthurt by The Troll


The Veteran
Helps out the newbies
Probably gives out freebies every Friday


The Long-Timer
Chats about non-game-related news
Will pwn you fast, then continues chatting
Probably night shift


Alvin Carlo Buencamino
CS: GO Player Profile: Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo
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Realism in First Person Shooters
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Simplistic Graphics: Games that use simple visuals, such as blocks. See More

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