Hardcore gamers are hyped not only with powerful machines, but also with visually-compelling gaming devices. They get a shock feel and become in awe with peripherals that have a very wicked look. Unfortunately, those gaming peripherals are too costly for gamers who are on a tight budget, not to mention the Razer™ and Logitech® brands.


GAMDIAS®, a Taiwanese brand, has been gaining attention in the gaming scene for producing affordable yet astonishing gaming devices including headsets, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and the very first RGB gaming chair. Majority of their products are named after certain Greek mythological figures, giving them an obvious mythical impression.


I was privileged enough to configure not one, but two of the brand’s gaming devices. Comprised of a keyboard and a mouse, the GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Combo is crafted solely for gamers who want to play with power without actually breaking the bank. At first glance, the GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Gaming Keyboard looks so impressive, anyone will believe it’s a mechanical keyboard. But this is actually a membrane gaming keyboard that has accommodating dimensions of 477 x 185 x 29.5mm, which are wide enough for all keys to be easily accessed. The keys in the keyboard’s four-layered structure are perfectly sculpted and pressing each of them gives the hand a very tactile feeling.


The GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Gaming Keyboard’s specially-designed, multi-directional grooves on its bottom can keep any wiring system from getting tangled. Any accidental liquid splashes are prevented since the keyboard possesses a spill-resistant build. Moreover, two anti-slip, rubber feet are flippable at the bottom for added stability.


The GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Gaming Keyboard’s backlight is composed of Green, Blue, Red, Cyan, Purple, Yellow, and White. With the GAMDIAS® logo standing out at the bottom of the gaming keyboard and the backlight illuminates vividly, the overall look can only be as stunning as it gets. Gamers can further adjust the brightness by simply activating the Backlight Pulsating Mode and modify the pulsating frequency.


The GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Gaming Keyboard comes with several shortcuts to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Unintended pressing that can interrupt crucial moments is prevented by using the Fn + Windows key and All-Keys Lock Mode. Multimedia apps are accessible via Fn + F1 to F12. Similar to older gaming consoles, this gaming keyboard has a ‘turbo mode’ called Consecutive Attack Mode. After activating the Consecutive Attack Mode, gamers just have to press and hold the desired button and the keyboard will continuously trigger it. The gaming keyboard also allows gamers to swap between the WASD and arrow keys.


As for the performance, the GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Gaming Keyboard matches evenly with other gaming keyboards in the market. It boasts pure precision and prevention of input conflicts, which are common to older keyboards. Its 10 Million Switch Lifecycle and anti-ghosting features prevent up to 19 simultaneously-pressed keys, thus allowing gamers to enjoy long-lasting gaming sessions.


As mentioned earlier, also included in this combo package is the GAMDIAS® Erebos LE Optical Gaming Mouse. This device has switchable 1200 DPI (dots per inches) at default. Pressing the DPI button below the mouse wheel changes the DPI to 800, 1200, 2000, and 3200. Other than the high DPI, this gaming mouse also has a 125Hz polling rate, which provides a very sensitive navigation for gaming. This is ideal for intense gaming genres such as first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena , and real-time strategy.


Two buttons are located at the left corner of the GAMDIAS® Erebos LE Optical Gaming Mouse, designated for striding forward and backward in first-person shooter games. Pressing the mouse wheel will activate its backlight, which is comprised of the same backlight colors as the GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Gaming Keyboard. The gaming mouse lasts up to 5 Million Switch Cycles, keeping gamers progressive at all times.


Verdict: 5/5


Overall, the GAMDIAS® Ares 7-Color Essential Combo functions greatly enough to compete with other high-end gaming peripherals in the market. Other than the vivid backlight, the gaming keyboard and mouse are an excellent package for gamers who wish to level up their performance.


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