This is the Altec Lansing Circus+: 2 pretty side speakers, a black theme, and a cubic subwoofer. It is simply beautiful.


Its material makes it sturdy, sturdier than most, in fact. Like others, it has plastic side speakers, but they manage to stay solid because of their integrity. Its subwoofer is wooden, making it objectively more solid. This is not your average speaker set. Want to prove that it’s sturdy? Tap either the speakers or the subwoofer, you’ll see it doesn’t ring.


It only has FM for its set of radio stations, but unlike other speakers of today, it moves forward with a state-of-the-art version of Bluetooth® 3.0. Adding to this is the ease of pairing; simply tap the Altec Lansing Circus+ on the pairing list on your smartphone, and you’re good to go. No passkeys required, unlike with some speakers. Included in the set is an auxiliary cord, but not just any: the Altec Lansing Circus+’ aux cord comes with 2 jacks, making it more rich in sound, since the lines for input are more dedicated. What makes it further special from others is its vanilla USB port, something that has started to fade from fad.


When turned on, one can notice how it has an equalizer. Using the included remote control, the user can change the equalizer setting according to their taste. We played Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot, and found how it can be set with very low bass, or very high treble. This makes it a good option for house parties.


Updatedness makes it different. The Bluetooth® 3.0 is very advanced for today. And despite this updatedness, it still manages to adhere to the good past traditions of tech by continuing the USB interface for mp3 input.


Verdict: 5/5


We rate the Altec Lansing Circus+ 5 stars because it manages to be updated but still retain the good parts of the past technological advancements, making it an all-around and versatile Bluetooth® speaker for any occasion.


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