There are different kinds of characters in games. In FPS, RTS, MOBA, you name it – they all have diversity in the characters in them. Of course, diversity not only comes with aesthetics, it also entails differences in function and specification.


What is the relationship between armor and damage?


Video games, most of the time, include a health bar of some sort, and what shortens this bar is what the player must avoid. Damage comes in different forms, and so does armor.

Personnel vs. Vehicle
Example: Company of Heroes series, Command and Conquer series, GTA series


One style of determining armor and damage is making a difference between a pedestrian character and a vehicular character. Vehicles would typically need more powerful sources of damage, such as armor-piercing ammunition or anti-aircraft guns. Other ways of contrasting this style is simply increasing the health of vehicles, making them tougher than infantry.


However, this adds a trait for personnel to compensate for their lack of health. In some games, infantry can capture objectives, enter small areas, be cheaper to produce, or are simply faster. This makes the choice between unit types important in attaining victory.

Metal vs. Magic
Example: Warcraft III, Elder Scrolls series, Ragnarok Online


Swords and bows are one thing, fire and frost are another. In the fantasy genre, sources of damage can be more diverse. The imagination of the game’s creators is the only limit to the kind of – and how much — damage an attack does. Magic might also differ in elements. In Skyrim, for example, the spell Ice Spike will not do the same damage to a Frost Troll than if Fire Bolt was used. There will be weaknesses, and sometimes attacks can even end up healing their targets (such as in Final Fantasy, where Life Drain will heal undead creatures).

Example: Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Pokemon Series


In some video games, attacks are made more straightforward. In the game EndWar, for example, aircraft will always beat tanks, transports will always beat aircrafts, and tanks will always beat transports. Sometimes, the developers would complicate this in some way, such as in Pokemon, where certain attack types would do absolutely no damage when targeting a specific target type. In Skyrim, despite how magic revolves around 3 elements, there are nonetheless spells that do “pure” damage that cannot be cancelled out with elemental armor.


Games can be simple, although at times their developers decide to spice things up by adding strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the right attack to use is important in winning, and in the end, the player who exploits the armor of the enemy with the most efficient attack wins.


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