From LOLCats to Trollfaces to Rare Pepes, memes have managed to enter the mainstream internet by storm. Go to the internet, and they are literally EVERYWHERE! But did you know that some of these memes came from video games? Let’s see some of them.


“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”


This quote is from the first Legend of Zelda game. Since the era of the Pokemon games, this meme has grown in popularity (probably because of the quote’s similarity with what Professor Oak says).


“All your base are belong to us.”


Said by one of the characters in the game Zero Wing, this is a meme that has been circulating on the internet for very long, and might possibly be the oldest internet meme around.


You must construct additional pylons.


This one, from the game Starcraft, is most notable because the quote is still in use to this day by the game. Blizzard Entertainment does not seem to have a problem with this though.


“What sorcery is this?”


This one came from the game Assassin’s Creed 2, where the protagonist Ezio Auditore manages to cheat death and appears once again to fight his enemies. Shocked by his return, the enemy guards say, “What sorcery is this?”


“Do you know da wae?”


This one came from VRChat. It parodies the character Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a twist – they added a Ugandan accent in his voice, hence the spelling.


There are countless others, and all are fun in their own right. You can search more all over the internet, or if you’re a gamer yourself, maybe you can even make your own!


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