PC visual performances are no longer just about the graphics; a “modding” appearance is the new way. A genuine impressive unit needs to be enhanced both outside and inside, and Apacer PANTHER series is the most widely chosen DDR4 and SSD by modder circles and gaming enthusiasts across the world.


PC modding is all about creating an awe-inspiring coolness with superior capacity. From Australia, China, Canada, Japan, to Philippines, world-class modders like GGF Lan Party, Designs By IFR, TAG Mods, FUXK-Xing Kai, EZgunna82 PC Modding, Fabio Moma, Ronnie Hara Mods, ForestCat Design, KrypteK PC Mods, ED MOD CRAFT share one thing in common: Apacer PANTHER series is adopted as an essential part to support their creativity.


As winners of 2017 Excellence Award, Apacer PANTHER DDR4 and AS330 SSD have been in the limelight among both media and tech bloggers. PANTHER DDR4 is renowned for its excellent compatibility that allows it to be installed on Intel® and AMD® motherboards. The latest addition, PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illumination, is a desktop LED lighting gaming memory module that can perform up to 3000MHz. It comes with LED modules to mimic the sharp teeth of a panther and emit white light with a killer vibe. The unique beaming and performance make it a favorite for modding enthusiasts.


Apacer PANTHER SSD is available in several models to fit individual needs. AS330 offers a 960 GB memory with 545/520MB/s in ultimate read and write speeds; AS340 is a perfect value-for-money solution with high performance at 505/410MB/s. For those who just need to a module to accommodate for the basic needs or seek to upgrade from a conventional hard drive to an SSD, AS350 is here to boost every aspect of the computer with superb processing.


For more examples of professional modders, please see Apacer’s Facebook fanpage. The inspiring designs from various countries will set your blood boiling.


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