CORSAIR®, a world leader in PC components high-performance gaming hardware and enthusiast memory, today announced the launch of the new CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4,000MHz 32GB (4x8GB) kit, the world’s fastest DDR4 SODIMM DDR4 memory kit.


While PC enthusiasts might be more familiar with SODIMM memory from laptops or all-in-one PCs, CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4x8GB 4,000MHz is designed to power the latest small-form-factor systems running Intel’s high-end-desktop X299 motherboard platform. Motherboards such as the ASRock X299E-ITX are able to fit all the power and performance of Intel’s high-end motherboard chipset into a tiny Mini-ITX form factor but have, until now, been limited on memory frequency and bandwidth. With CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4x8GB 4,000MHz, PC builders and enthusiasts can now pack 32GB of high-frequency quad-channel 4,000MHz DDR4 alongside Intel’s Core i9™ processors, for up to 36 threads of processing power and massive memory bandwidth, in Mini-ITX small-form-factor PCs.

Not just any memory can run at 4,000MHz, and CORSAIR hand-sorts and extensively bins Samsung B-die ICs to create a kit that runs stable, even at its highest speed. Super-tight CL19-23-23-45 timings at 1.35V push performance even further and accessing these blistering speeds is easy, thanks to XMP 2.0 making enabling this record-setting performance as easy as a single BIOS setting.


Combining the benefits of a small-form-factor system with high-capacity and high-frequency memory, CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4x8GB 4,000MHz sets a new standard for DDR4 SODIMM performance.


Availability, Warranty and Pricing


CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4x8GB 4,000MHz is available immediately via the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors, or direct from the webstore. All CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 kits are backed by a lifetime limited warranty and the CORSAIR worldwide customer support network.


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