The action cameras of today may be summed up as pricey and high-profile. The typical mindset would be: in order to get one, one must be able to shell out a huge moolah.


But lucky for me, I was able to chance upon an action camera that not only boasts an affordable value, but also a 4K conveyance of output.



Despite being ‘for review purposes’ only, I’m still thankful that I was able to lay my hands on the ThiEYE i60+ 4K Action Camera.


The tiny package included a waterproof case with additional back cover, a set of mounts, a USB cable, a tiny carrying bag, a cleaning cloth, and a user’s manual.


A separate microSD was necessitated in order for the camera to be able to capture videos and pictures.

Possessing a similar outline as the GoPro HERO, the ThiEYE i60+ has a shutter button on the top and two buttons on the side for navigation, a 2-inch screen at the back, and a lens that is extracted within a four-sided frame to further secure the sensor. Unlike with other action cameras, users can apparently configure the i60+ without having to connect it to a smartphone.


The i60+’s 2” built-in display provides a preview of the shot about to be taken and an overview of the options such as changing the settings and framing the videos. The screen greatly helps in setting the perfect angle, as well as in assessing the video quality in real-time. The cam also boasts a 170º field of view that can be zoomed up to 4x, therefore allowing for an uncontestedly enhanced panorama.


In terms of battery life, the i60+ has a 1050mAh capacity and has a total full-charging time of 60 minutes. I used it to gather continuous 4K pictures and videos during my out of town trip and it took several hours before the battery had totally drained.


I also used it in one of my motorcycle rides in our village and therefore deem that it can actually work as a dash camera. Mounted on the bike’s handlebar, the cam effortlessly captured continuous clips. The i60+ attained a 4K video recording at 25fps and a 1080P video recording at 60fps. However, the quality and consistency of videos weren’t guaranteed since the cam lacked the image stabilization feature.


Verdict: 5/5


The ThiEYE i60+ 4K Action Camera’s ability to deliver a 4K output despite being an entry-level is a great consideration indeed. Seemingly, it entails a good value for money as consumers need not spend a lot in acquiring high-quality images and videos just the same as the ones that can be generated from high-end action cameras.


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