The route to the top is a steep climb, and the climb to be the best router is no different. Routers need to either specialize in their own way, gaming or business, or else the user would have to use other peripherals such as special cables and extenders at the router’s side. The router’s route to the top is a hard one indeed.


The D-Link AC1200 DIR-842 Wi-Fi Router has managed to climb the steep mountain of gaming standards. As with all other gaming routers, this D-Link model shows brilliance in delivery out of ease and speed. Looks-wise, with its clean, black, straightforward appearance, it already manages to linger at the clouds of the ranks; what more in execution of its work?



It shares standard parts with others, of course. An external antenna is present (though some routers have none; the standard is maintained at either 1 antenna or none at all). It has a WPS button as is typical for today’s routers since they make things faster and easier. Other things are the Internet cable port, and of course the LAN jacks.

While it has these standard pieces on it, it holds a special place in the heart of a gamer (or a power user otherwise) through its unique characteristics. We have mentioned an antenna earlier – this one has four. This makes for range. Adding to this is the placement of the said antennae at 4 different corners of the router box, giving it different angles of range from the router’s body. As mentioned earlier also are the LAN jacks. It has 4 at its back, when lesser routers would stand at a single jack for the LAN cable. Adding to this is the fact that the reset button is at the very bottom, so accidentally resetting the router is not something to worry about at all.


Something to take note of this D-Link model is that it is a Gigabit router. A gig of speed is great for a gamer or power user. Some specialized gaming motherboard models such as the MZ270 Intel® socket series of motherboards have the maximum cap on their LAN cables set to 3GB. Since Internet speeds with this router would reach 1GB, one would expect more allowance for data from other computers via the LAN cable to be available.


Verdict: 5/5


Surely enough, this router proves to be at the top of the router Everest. It combines today’s standards with tomorrow’s technology, to create an exemplar of design. As time passes and technology improves, we’d probably see routers get better and better, of course, from D-Link.


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