Have you ever had a firm grasp of how a network-attached storage (NAS) works or what it even looks like? This is certainly way too far from your trending high-tech big toy. It’s probably something the average of home users have little to no knowledge about, especially to those who only care about gaming. But if you have seen one, it somehow resembles and quite possibly mans the same role of a mini-tower CPU. The probable picture is they’re different but, of course, a handful of features draws similarities of how a PC handles its tasks accordingly.


Relating to the aforesaid generalization, network-attached storages quite appeal to a variety of users, who have small to large enterprises, mega studios, research laboratories, etc., which can be great havens for managing past or ongoing transactions, storing remarkable amounts of files, thoroughly securing confidential scientific reports, etc.


Synology, a known Taiwanese company for crafting premium network-attached storages, has got their back.


But what is explicitly interesting about network-attached storages is their wide range of capability – storing, managing, monitoring and encrypting files – as a unit formed by multiple layers known as bays, with each bay giving room for hard drives, giving the utmost benefits for the user. However, manipulating network-attached storages is not a short order, it is known for having a perplexed nature depending on the model.


The Synology DS1517+ is a five-bay NAS (up to 15 bays) bolstered mainly by the Intel Atom C2538 quad-core 2.4Ghz CPU accompanied by an Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instruction (AES-NI) extension, which is powerful enough to set up a quick hiring of hardware encryption that provides a high degree of security and allows for an easy navigation of numerous applications. The Taiwanese company embedded a dual channel RAM which is upgradable to 16GB for a more stable and faster multi-managing.


When settling for an account, the Synology DS1517+ employs the Synology Assistant DiskStation Manager that serves as a prerequisite for opening up the branches in its vast system. The user can set up to 2048 accounts, which can be distributed up to 256 groups. This software has a ridiculous array of applications, which addresses the concern as to how a user organizes the NAS in a very efficient manner. These applications include video surveillance, cloud storage, file sharing, multimedia stations, snapshotting, email emulations, and much more. When using these applications intensively, the software helps users monitor and regulate the condition of the NAS in real-time through the Resource Monitor.


The Synology DS1517+ has 4 x RJ-45 1GbE LAN ports and a Gen2 x8 PCIe slot and supports the M2D17, which can handle dual M.2 SATA SSDs. It can also accommodate more bays using a couple of Synology’s modular DX517 Expansion Units.


The Synology DS1517+ is locally available for P46,500.

Verdict: 5/5 Stars









Overall, the Synology DS1517+ is for people who are in dire need of efficiently organizing and securing files amidst intensive activities. It has managed to gallop greatly from its previous rendition in terms of storage capacity. Truly, Synology has done a great job of emboldening their line of network attached storages to greater heights, giving entrepreneurs a better night sleep.


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