Well, for a very long time, JBL® has had numerous products outside of the Bluetooth® gimmick that captured the hearts of Hi-Fi enthusiasts. In other words, the company is undoubtedly proven and tested in terms of giving the best sound quality for all kinds of consumers.


But, isn’t it surprising that JBL® has been around producing great-sounding Bluetooth® speakers? Apparently not. Open your eyes, and you will see they have already produced 10 Bluetooth® speakers that can ignite a party with just a single button.


JBL® Pulse 3 is already on the spotlight flaunting its upgraded look and features from its older brother JBL® Pulse 2 (obviously). Blending into the discussion of igniting a party, the second Pulse has collectively beguiled intensive travel-goers and house party crashers due to its flashy psychedelic lights, waterproof capability and simple portability. However, the third Pulse has new and upgraded features to further catch the attention of the many other than pulsating colors.



Coming off with a moderate-sized build of 8.8 inches in length and 3.6 inches in girth, JBL® Pulse 3 is a slightly bigger version than its predecessor. Its plastic-covered LED light comprises 65% percent of its body which makes for a more vibrant and expressive mood to lighten up any party and an incredible substitute for any artsy lamp.


The speaker’s loud mouthing basses on both ends are still addictive to witness as they proudly show how powerful the speakers can boom amidst a noisy atmosphere. Never underestimate the thumping of a Pulse speaker, and never touch these basses as they can cause marring to their radiators over time.



All controls – including the power, play/pause/voice assistant, Bluetooth® pairing, volume, JBL Connect+ and lighting buttons – can be manipulated around the back of the speaker.


JBL® Pulse 3 matches well with other JBL® speakers that have the JBL® Connect+ feature as it can create a larger soundstage and provide a higher volume range. Sorry for those JBL® speakers that lack this feature, a house party is far from being possible.



Of course, what most exhibitionist listeners look for is how long or deep a Bluetooth® speaker can be submerged under water. JBL® Pulse 3 has an IPX7 certification rating, meaning it has the ability to withstand aqueous pressure up to 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes compared to the previous Pulse, which only has  a splash-proof build. It’s not a good reason to drown a precious Bluetooth® speaker but still, this feature is considerably a giant leap in the Pulse models as far as beaches and pools are in the picture.

Sound Quality


JBL® Pulse 3 becomes more enjoyable, thanks to its 360-degrees feature that enables the speaker to provide its most detailed sounds to listeners staying in any part of a certain room.


The bass is further amplified to add to its already powerful sounds without compromising the mids and highs. Muffled vocals are noticeable in some music genres but the crisp and clarity are on par considering that it’s a Bluetooth® speaker. Modern EDMs, classic hiphops, melodic metals, alternative pop, etc. are fantastic for this speaker. Not to mention, novelty songs are also fun to listen with the JBL Pulse 3.

Overall/Verdict: 5/5.


To round it all up, JBL® Pulse 3 did not disappoint as a finer rendition of the JBL® Pulse 2. The lights are more sensational, while the sound quality is greater than ever, and the upgraded water resistance gives more sense of security to any listeners.


Indeed, this is one of the top contenders that you will see in the midrange-priced Bluetooth® speakers.


It would be a lie if window shoppers say they didn’t, at least, bat an eye on the JBL® Pulse 3.


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