Hardcore action games like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne allowed a new generation of gamers to experience what is it like to play classic games in the 80s. Classic games from arcades and NES are really notorious for their difficulty, yet dedicated gamers strive to conquer them. The trend of ultra-hard games is getting popular again. One of the latest game is strongly influence from that trend is The Surge.


The Surge is an action, role-playing game developed by Deck13 Interactive, a German company recognized for games like the Ankh series and their latest game, Lords of the Fallen. It is published by Focus Home Interactive, an independent publisher based in France. They have published several titles such as the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, Cities XL series, Pro Cycling Manager series and Wargame series.


The game takes place in the near future where humanity has depleted most of the natural resources and climate change has wrecked the environment. This lead to the collapse of the global economy, exhaustion of government services and unemployment. CREO, a mega-corporation and major producer of industrial and consumer products, launched “Project Resolve”. The project aimed to restore the Earth from the damage it sustained through the years. In exchange, the project provided a lot of job opportunities, thus saving the economy. CREO also gave its employees with their own exoskeleton suits for their jobs.


Players take the role of Warren, a physically handicapped employee who wakes up from an accident after undergoing a painful implant. Warren regains consciousness in the ruins of his workplace where the exoskeleton suits from his fallen co-workers went sentient and berserk. Armed with the exoskeleton suit, players have to survive in the ruins of CERO and unveil their true intentions.


In an interview with Gamereactor on December 17, 2015, the game provides guidance to the players through several options and paths instead of opting for simplified gameplay. In an article by Gameinformer on May 15, 2017, players have to traverse through various sections of the massive industrial complex such as warehouses, hallways and bridges. They will notice that everything in the facility went horribly wrong.


Players have to develop new strategies through trial and error since this game is very tough. They can swing their weapons, block and counter attacks, hop, dodge and send drones for offense and defense. Every enemy have their own strengths and attack patterns so players will expect refreshing variation for each section of the game. Enemies can be executed in a cinematic kill by building up a special meter and targeting specific body parts. Players can also scavenge parts from that dismembered part. Depending


on how players defeat them, players are rewarded with varying weapons, armors or other important parts.


According to Twinfinte’s guide, crafting is done by acquiring blueprints and combining parts through the crafting table. Gameinformer also revealed that the game’s in-game currency is “scraps” and when players die, they lose them. Scraps are retrievable by tracking back to the last place where players died and storing them in safe rooms.


The game has the same difficulty spike and duel-based combat of Lords of the Fallen. Players will be punished if they failed to dodge telegraphed attacks from hard-hitting enemies and enormous bosses. On the other hand, defeating them are very rewarding.


This game is powered by Deck13 Interactive’s very own FLEDGE engine. According to their official website, they developed FLEDGE engine by themselves and they can do whatever they want with it without worrying about licensing fees from other developers. Their vision for the FLEDGE engine is that they can improve it further, as well as utilize it for their upcoming titles.


Deck13 Interactive may have drawn inspiration from the Dark Soul series but setting it instead on a dystopian science fiction world. Gamereactor, Deck13 Interactive shared to Gamereactor their visions on their mind for making the game such as what if Earth’s condition worsened as technology progressed, what if technology companies today actually have nefarious plans hidden in their humanitarian agenda, and how will machine implants help people in their work.


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