How is Titanfall 2 Right now?


It’s a huge shock in the gaming world. Titanfall 2, a largely positively reviewed game, has most, if not all, free downloadable content. Not “content” yet? (yes, pun intended). More are to come soon, and when they do arrive, wow oh wow, expect a good game. GG guys!


What’s with Mass Effect: Andromeda?


And on the other corner of the ring, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The tragedy of Mass Effect is here. Extreme bugs, bad physics, game-breaking glitches — everything gone wrong. Now what? The Quarian Ark DLC is about to come, and it needs to be bought too! What, you expect us to buy a DLC for a mediocre game?


Other Examples to go with it


Another game with extreme DLCs include DICE’s Battlefront (which requires a paid DLC for space battles), and which, in itself, is kinda (kinda) buggy too. In total? $60 on Steam for a full game of Battlefront. Good luck with that!


How about free modding?


There’s not much else to say. There are of course, other alternatives to free DLCs (which are nonetheless just mods anyway) such as 2011’s TES:V Skyrim (and despite being old is still very, VERY much alive in the community thanks to the Skyrim Script Extender and the Skyrim Nexus). There are more to come, and Mount & Blade 2 is getting a series of mods, too (it really was made for mods in the first place.)


Whatever the case, let’s have a good game! GG!

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