Here are a few facts in the Pokemon Game about Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, Professor Oak, and all the professors all over the pokemon world.


1.The Pokemon are arranged in the Pokedex, an index of all Pokemon types.


2.The first Pokemon in the National Pokedex is Bulbasaur.


3.The first Pokemon to ever be created according to Sinnoh Legend is Arceus (the diety Pokemon) but science tells us that it was actually Mew.


4.Mewtwo is an attempt at creating a more powerful version of Mew.


5.Some Pokemon possess Sunny Day, which allows sun-based abilities such as Solar Beam to be instantaneously fired.


6.The Pokemon Shedinja can only be killed with special damage moves and not with normal attacks.


7.The Pokemon Sableye has absolutely no weakness whatsoever. He is also pretty weak.


8.There is a technique called Endeavor which could possibly cause enemy health to reach zero, after which Quick Attack will finish them off. There is legend where a level 1 Rattata can defeat a level 100 Arceus using this technique.


9.A Digglett can still dig whilst being over water.


10.Rhydons, despite being rock types, can surf (rock type pokemon are weak against water attacks).


11. There is a legend where in the ferry to the Johto region form Kanto, a masterball can be found in one of the trans containers.


12.MISSINGNO, a glitch pokemon, is very real — and is sought after for its ability to duplicate items.


13. With the gameboy pocket, item duplication is still possible, nonetheless by removing the cartridge at the right time before saving.


14. The “sick” pokemon in the lighthouse in Pokemon Crystal is actually an Amparos, who would otherwise not have succeeded against the gym leader in the same city, which is understandable why she just stays inside the lighthouse (Amparos is electric while the gym leader uses steel types, thus portraying an extreme electric weakness).


15. Last but not least, after 760+ Pokemon in existence, Pokemon retains its shine as one of the most classic games to date!

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