GTA Online came into fruition upon the release of GTA V. It wasn’t that much of a hit then. Really, it was just a bunch of missions tangled together to form a new experience for players. It wasn’t special at all. There was nothing to be surprised about.


But now? No. Absolutely not.


GTA Online is a massive hit! From street shoot-outs to cooperative missions, all the way to group heists, this game is the kind of game that very few MMO’s managed: to accommodate so many people, and yet to create a system that enables interaction like no other.


Let’s face it though. Any game has its bad players. There are players who would literally just jump at you and kill you on sight, others who would run you over whilst walking on the street – there simply are players who “want to watch the world burn.” But hey, that’s not all there is to it! GTA Online also boasts some good guilds, and with that, camaraderie like no other. When your car is about to be blown up by the police, maybe a friend might decide to pick you up by helicopter. Maybe at some point, you’re cornered, and you decide, hey, maybe I should help out my friend on the other side of the map.


It’s simple, really: Be good, be bad, or be somewhere in the middle. The choice is yours.


Heist System


The game’s “heists” might be sort of different from the GTA V from which this game spawned from: there are no banks to rob and no jewelry stores to steal from. Instead, prisoners must be brought out of jail, packages must be sent somewhere, and others that are more dynamic than the simple steal-and-run that the vanilla GTA would give you. This game is not for the faint of heart.




This is where things get tricky. Though contests include games such as racing and objective-speeding, sometimes, a player-made content is added, and it creates a sense of unfairness in the game. I mean, not all cars can turn 360 degrees, but some maps require you to do that! Things get unfair, and the player has no choice but to choose what kind of game to go after.


All in all, GTA Online isn’t really your perfect game, but nonetheless, it is a truly well thought-out game. People enjoy it years after it was released alongside GTA V. And let’s face it: Even GTA V is fun too!

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