With a simple and plain black finish, the Sound Blaster Jam, an entry from Singapore-based audio company Creative Technology Limited, projects a classic glimpse of an ultra-light Bluetooth® headset that’s made for multi-purpose usages.



The package contained the headset itself, a red cable for charging purposes, the typical user manual, and a one-year warranty



Upon laying hands on the Sound Blaster Jam, I instantly noticed and felt the super soft ear cushions that it had, which obviously made me deem that it would be perfect for extensive music engagements.


Just when my excitement in hearing my favorite tunes was at full blast, I sadly realized that the headset wasn’t charged. So I had to plug it first in my PC via USB for about two hours to gain full power. As the headset was linked to the PC through USB, I was able to access the SBX Pro Studio, a suite of audio enhancement technologies that allowed me to fully control the audio according to my desired preference.


As soon as the Sound Blaster Jam became totally fueled, I started listening to a variety of chart-topping songs that further added to my already great mood that day. Mind you, it was a rainy Monday when I first tried this out and the volume was only set in mid-range, but I could hear every bit of sound as crisp and as sharp as wished-for. Thanks to the equipment of 32mm Neodymium drivers, this classic-looking headset delivers superior audio with the fullest possible bass response.



As this piece of Creative headset is equipped with a first-rate omni-direction microphone, users can engage in clear-cut audio whether in conversations or recordings. Another thing that I liked about the Sound Blaster Jam is the hands-free communication that it permits. This I was able to prove when a good friend of mine called as I was listening to some good songs.


The Sound Blaster Jam has a playing time of up to 12 hours and an operating range of 15m range via its Bluetooth® connectivity.


Verdict: 5/5


From the very first time that I donned the Sound Blaster Jam until the final trial that I had with it, I couldn’t have any better expression than be in great awe. Delivering powerful sounds without any sort of exaggeration, this piece of audio device is surely deserving of a flawless mark. Another plus point of this headset is its great affordability. Despite being low-cost, it is still able to provide ultra-crisp sounds for whatever functions it may be employed.

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