With offices having ever-greater digital storage requirements, NAS units are a must-have for businesses. The ASUSTOR (ASUS-STORAGE), made both for video surveillance and business at the same time, fills the need for storage. And the ASUSTOR AS3104T just couldn’t be any better.


The ASUSTOR AS3104T was built as a NAS with multiple capabilities. It was made to link devices so they can garner greater efficiency. Labeled as a NAS with an “App-Based” concept, it was tailored to work not only for businesses, but also for other platforms such as mobile devices.



Benchmark tests show good outcome when data travel is in question. Donning a 110MB/s data travel rate, 400MB files would take around 4 seconds or less to copy into the ASUSTOR AS3104T. An average CD movie, around 700MB, would take a little more than 6 seconds, while a 4.7GB DVD image would take less than a minute to copy.


The ASUSTOR AS3104T uses the proprietary ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) operating system. It was constructed particularly for apps. As for this, it has an intuitive cross-platform interface for accessing files. This would all amount to nothing had the ASUSTOR AS3104T not have a powerful AES 256-bit data encryption. ASUSTOR’s OS also features a Surveillance Center for streaming information’s sake. Other notable elements of the ADM are the MyArchive storage management utility and Searchlight function. There are, of course, many others, all of which supplement the overall capabilities of the ASUSTOR AS3104T.



With built-in explorers such as Searchlight and ASUSTOR Portal, the ASUSTOR AS3104T can be browsed straight from the ADM operating system. The user may access his files whether they are multimedia, apps, databases, and the like.


As for the physical output, the ASUSTOR AS3104T uses HDMI, unlike most others that use VGA. Built-in players for multimedia are also on-board.


Backup is also present, which is a staple among NAS units. However, unlike others, the ASUSTOR AS3104T has a folder-based encryption system that allows the user to lock his files when not in use. Another difference is that it also has HTTPS capability, as SSL is almost a requirement nowadays.




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