As with all gaming peripherals, a gaming keyboard should show flair and artistry in its function. The Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB Gaming Keyboard is colorful, tough, and of course, trouble-free. From a simple look, it seems rather traditional and with no difference from others, but we will look further for some distinctions.


Its buttons are made of plastic, and they have a special font that is sure to charm any gamer. It has colorful lighting – in a word, enchanting. Some buttons also have icons of additional fuctions (that require the function key, of course). It has a solid metal skin for a base, and all of it covers its entirety all the way until the bottom, where another layer of plastic keeps the keyboard in place on the table.



For distinction, it deserves some praise with its number of special buttons, such as the P1 to P6 buttons, G1 and G2 buttons, a Game button, and even a pair of Sprint toggle buttons. Unlike other keyboards, the arrow keys also bind to the WASD keys that are essential to first person shooters, and this would be a game-changer for left-handed gamers out there.


Another difference with other gaming keyboards is how the buttons jut out three quarters of an inch from the base, and thus reaching them would be carefree.



We used the keyboard for Call of Duty 4: Advanced Warfare and ARMA3 and, despite our fear of damaging the keys from pushing too hard, the buttons did not tilt too far. We found the buttons comfortable for our games. Colors were energetic, and the buttons to change the colors were in quick range.


We found that during these fast-paced games, we had moments to avoid movement, and the keyboard’s lock button allowed for this. The G-function programmable buttons were also useful, since we could bind them to hard-to-reach alternatives.


Most notable is how comfortable the height of the keyboard was relative to our palms. It allowed us to reach the buttons farther up the keyboard with ease.




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