With sound as an integral part of the gaming experience, we need a good gaming headset. And coming out as a viable one is Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Stinger. Complete with a pair of Virtual 7.1 speakers, a microphone, and a standard jack on a simple and streamlined design, it delivers crisp sounds. But despite its treble forte, we still found that using the equalizer could improve its bass.

However, unlike most other gaming headsets, the HyperX Cloud Stinger doesn’t have sound controls – it required that its volume be controlled within the app. This might be something to improve upon, especially since the headsets are great with computers and gaming. When sound reverberates well, and time and again, the user will most probably wish to change volumes.

It does, however, deserve some kudos with its ease when it comes to putting it on the head. The Cloud Stinger is best when used for extensive gaming sessions. Comfort is a plus, and those with a preference for treble would find it very outstanding. If crisp sound is not the preference, of course, equalizers are always an option, and a headset for bass is always at the ready.

Being made for gaming, this headset needs a game. We used it on one of our helicopter simulators to test how it would fare against the loud sounds of the rotors and the radio chatter. Results were beyond great. The rotor sounds showed just the right amounts of bass, while the radio chatter was still discernible despite the background noise. When things in the game collided, we heard them clearly.

There was a little trouble in controlling sound, though. Since the headset required that volume be controlled from within the game, it meant pausing each time we had to change the loudness.

Another thing to consider is how the microphone is a beauty. It is not only solid and sturdy, it is also a good touch to the eye-catch that this headset already is.

Overall, it is best when used with the right settings as soon as the game starts. The soundcannot be changed on the fly, so it is highly advised that the earphones be ready and up upon the start of the game.









The HyperX Cloud Stinger has outstanding sounds, but the lack of sound controls can be a little inconvenient.

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