A new generation of computers means a new generation of operating systems. Windows 10 decides to make a mark in the computer world by taking over the throne of the widely-known and widely-loved Windows 7 (and 8.1 for smaller computers such as phones and notebooks).


Let’s start with the technical positive side.


I had some time to audit the processes of the Windows 10 operating system. It was rather robust, yet compact.There were many pieces to realize in putting together the entire OS. If you check the task manager, unlike the NT series of systems, it doesn’t prepare for space for the kernel32 process in real time. This makes it safer for malware migration, allowing for more visible and transparent data travel between processes.


Another technical thing to consider is that the command prompt is more dependent on the Powershell, allowing for a faster, but nonetheless safer, sense in moving data from within the Windows terminal. The powershell can now be much easier to summon from the terminal, making things easier for the modern user.


Moving on to the more physical view of the computer, the Windows 10 OS also has some upsides to go with it.


To start, this operating system has gone back from the Windows 8.1 fullscreen start interface to the earlier Windows 7 slide-up start button. It’s the same classic that everyone loved.


There’s also Cortana, the Windows version of Apple’s Siri. Cortana can also search and do quick pushes on executables for Windows. It’s easy. Just type, voila. You’re in.


And if you don’t like the Windows 10 template, there’s always the option to use the color palette of the NT series operating systems.


For this month, I choose the Windows 10 as the Windows OS for just about anyone.


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