The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or to some, the Family Computer, was a great hit in the 90’s. It’s a real classic. Until now, collectors still swoon at the sight of the original SNES. It had been great then, and it hadn’t since it left our hearts.


Two decades later, and the SNES comes with another reincarnation. The NES Classic Mini is a tiny, modern version of its predecessor. Capable of the same games, and still with two potential gamers allowable, it is a raw reboot of the same hit that ignited the start of the gaming world.


The Mini comes with one controller at basic. As a separate peripheral, a second controller may be bought. The gaming console is connected to a display via HDMI and it contains some of the games in the SNES arsenal – 30 of them, to be exact. Some titles include Super Mario, Battle City, and even The Legend of Zelda.


With all the rebooting and remastered creations of this year, we’re hoping that this gaming console will prove to be a great addition to the gamer’s weapons of choice.


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