Taiwanese company A4Tech is a power to be reckoned with in the tech world. Its products range from keyboards, to mice, to speakers, to joysticks. It is known for durable products.


Recently, A4Tech’s CEO was awarded Technological Man of the Year of 2011.


1. A4Tech has been making peripherals since 1987.

Experience is a good teacher. With A4Tech about 30 years-old as of this writing, they’re masters of the art.


2. A4Tech has a preference for smaller products.

Web cams, mice, table-top speakers — all of them have one thing: you can carry them with one hand. This gives the company a niche in the industry, as a maker of small peripherals.


3. A4Tech products are famous for durability.

It’s almost hard to notice that many mice today (among other products) are A4Tech. This is because they’re long-lasting that they simply merge into the environment because of their age.


4. A4Tech products are very widespread now.

It’s another hard thing to point out that many products, not just mice, are used in all sorts of niches of function. They have products for gaming, business, power users, casual users, and workstations.


5. A4Tech still continues to extend its product lineup.

The gaming lineup of mice, for example, is relatively new to A4Tech. Known for business and casual users, A4Tech still continues to grow its arms.


See their website, products, customer support, and contact details at http://www.a4tech.com/

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