Square Enix released this Final Fantasy title in the 4th quarter of 2016. Get ready to quest, dash, and dice as Noctis Lucis Caelum, face muscle and magic, and travel across this new Final Fantasy world with the game’s cast and crew.




Players get to play in an open world. As per Final Fantasy standard, Noctis needs company — he has Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto — although only Noctis can be controlled directly by the user. The party travels together throughout the game, but at some points characters leave the party.


The open world is up and ready to be traveled using the Final Fantasy-signature chocobo mounts. New to the game, though, is the Regalia, the player’s car that the party can take to strut around the terrain in style. The land is up for the tread track’s taking, with Final Fantasy’s traditional landscapes and mountains, which are, of course, dotted with creatures. Encounter friend and foe alike in this new land.



Unlike some of the earlier Final Fantasy titles, encounters with opponents is different. There is a gauge that says how close the player is to the target, and when close enough, the encounter starts — but, the battle does not continue just yet. Fights are not turn-based anymore. Unlike much of the earlier Final Fantasy titles, actions are done in real time, but the options to use items, attacks, skills, and movement are on the field to choose from as always. The player may evade, attack, or even run away using real-time commands instead of in an instant. This makes for more dynamic fights.


Since the companions are not directly controlled, they are held with artificial intelligence instead, and are influenced by the player using Link commands, which require a filled Link Meter. Once the the command is available, Loctis and his companions may perform cooperative actions.


Each character has a different party skill outside of battle. Noctis, for example, can increase his ability in fishing, Gladiolus has survival skills, Ignis can cook for the group, and Prompto can take photos for the party time and again.



Character progression is different from earlier games. Havens, such as inns, are needed in order to level up, and of course, the required EXP points are to be sorted out first. Ability Points, or AP, is a different matter, which, unlike EXP points, increase skills instead of statistical prowess.


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