With better clock control, 8 Cores, and the AMD Overdrive™ on-board software, the AMD FX-9370 is an extremely powerful processor.


As with all AMD processors, this one, codenamed “Vishera”, it uses a Socket that is incompatible with Intel’s (such as the Z97 or 2011) – AMD Sockets and motherboards were made to house AMD’s built-in technology, such as the Wraith Cooler™, PowerTune™, or in this case, the Overdrive™ technology. With temperature control somewhat a problem among the AMD line (such as this), AMD motherboards should accommodate for heat, and thus better MTBF especially when overclock is used in this processor.

The AMD Overdrive™ is revolutionary. Tailored inside this central processor, it is for better control of temperature and clock speed. This is most useful when using boost speeds, since the balance in power consumption and heat could be weighed and thus better MTBF.


The elephant in the room for this processor, though, is the fact that it houses 8 cores, with 8 threads, and a massive base clock of 4.4GHz. The elephant gets even bigger when the 4.7GHz boost clock is taken into account. Along with Overdrive™ technology, if taken into overclock, this processor would dwarf its earlier cousins in the number of independent processes that can be taken.

A massive set of CPU and a terrifying frequency rating means this processor is a beast. It is one of the processors at the top of the tech food chain, and must not be underestimated.


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