With Aiden Pearce’s adventures finished, Martin Holloway is on the spotlight now in Watch Dogs 2 (stylized WATCH_DOGS2) by the ever-amazing Ubisoft Montreal game studio for Playstation 4, XBox One, and PC.


The story continues after the events of the first Watch Dogs game, and the plot unfolds with references to the first. Watch Dogs 2, however, is set in San Francisco, unlike Watch Dogs, in Chicago.


Both the first and the sequel still have similar features. Stealth elements are still present in this game. It is still centrally action-adventure, however, and the open-world style is also retained. The player controls Martin Holloway in third person, with parkour skills, just like Aiden Pearce.


Differences abound, however.


The driving mechanic may be different, but there is greater allowance for error — collisions are more avoidable now. New vehicles are quad bikes, new types of boats, and cable cars placed all over the city, many of which require hacking in order to be used.


A new weapon is available to Martin Holloway. Dubbed the “thunderball,” it is a close-range weapon that is basically a billiard ball attached to a chord. Guns are now available via 3D printers. Tasers are also in Martin’s arsenal, which can paralyze opponents momentarily.



In multiplayer, a cooperative multiplayer mode is introduced where players may finish missions together. Another new feature is the bounty hunter mode, where players may enter the game of unknowing players that play with bad behavior, in the hopes of killing the said player. There is also a gesture system now, which wasn’t around in the first game.


The online invasion system present in the prequel stays.

The long-awaited sequel for Watch_Dogs is here now. WATCH_DOGS2 is sure to be a great hit.


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